About the Air Duct Council

History of the Air Duct Council

The Air Duct Council (formerly The Air Diffusion Council) has a history of over 50 years of service to the HVAC industry.   Originally founded in 1961, the ADC represented the manufacturers of grilles, registers, diffusers and air terminal boxes.   The ADC's principal activity was to develop, promote and disseminate equipment performance data, testing criteria and industry standards.

Flexible duct manufacturers developed their own special design in 1975 to address their specific and unique needs.   In 1988, the ADC went through a period of reorganization and today the Council exclusively represents the interests of flexible duct manufacturers and their suppliers.

The Active Membership of the ADC accounts for 95% of the total production and sales volume of flexible duct in North America.   The ADC truly speaks for the flexible duct industry.

The current membership directories for both Active Members (flexible duct manufacturers) and Associate Members (flexible duct suppliers) are available on this website.

These member companies stand ready to serve your needs by providing quality products and services.

Mission Statement of the Air Duct Council

The purpose for which the Air Duct Council was formed, as stated in its Certificate of Incorporation, is to promote and further the interests of the manufacturers of air distribution equipment, more specifically, flexible air ducts and related products, and the interests of the general public in the areas of safety, quality, efficiency and energy conservation, and to this end, develop programs approved and supported by the membership that legally promote and further these interests such as:

  • To encourage, assist and support the development and maintenance of credible and efficient industry standards for the installation, use and performance of flexible duct products; to promote the use of those standards by various code bodies, government agencies, architects, engineers, heating and cooling contractors, etc. so that the best interests of the public may be served.

  • To collect and disseminate lawful information of value to members of the Council, the general public and others and to act as a clearing house for all such information, as well as providing a means by which the interests of the individual members of the Council can be protected, defended, supported more vigorously and effectively in legal association with other that share those interests.

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